ZLYC Series Vacuum Oil Purifier

1.Application of Vacuum  Oil Purifier 
A.Purification of turbine oil and transformer oil 
B.The process of removing water and impurities of hydraulic lubricating oil
C.Improve the cleanliness of hydraulic lubrication system 
D.Regeneration and purification of oil products 

2.Working Principle 

3.Performance Features :

A.Vacuum system : It consists of vacuum tanks, vacuum pumps, condensing tanks, accumulator tanks, and air filling systems.Optimize the structure design, greatly increase the surface area of oil in the vacuum system, and to maximize the extended the oil in the vacuum system of the trip, make the moisture in the oil and gas are fully overflow.
B. Filter system: three - level filter is used to protect the oil pump and prolong the life of the main filter.The pump is equipped with two levels of fine filter, which can quickly achieve high cleanliness.
C. Heating system: Heating system: the heating system is graded step by step. the surface heat load is less than 1.0 W/cm2, It does not overheat and cause the oil to become hot.
D.Automatic control system: the machine adopts transducer, liquid level transmitter, temperature sensor, vacuum sensor and a series of automatic control instrument to collect all kinds of information of the equipment operation, dating center processor for processing, automatic control operation of the equipment and monitor the running status of equipment.
The machine is equipped with various protection devices (overload protection, overvoltage protection, phase sequence protection, abnormal operation stop protection), which can ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
E.Complete machine structure: integral bridge frame structure, reduced volume.
The whole removable oil tank is adopted to ensure oil free operation on the ground and reduce environmental pollution.There are mobile, fixed, fully enclosed, car and other models available.

4. System schematic

5.Equipment Type 

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