Glass Fiber String Wound Filter Cartridges



Glass Fiber String Wound Filter Cartridges are improved string wound filters for micron liquid filtration industry. The roving threadiness glass fibers are winded overstriking as the normal Polypropylene or Bleached Cotton wound yarn. Twisting glass fiber wound cartridges are constructed with denser layers inside and coarser layers outside, the superiors are depth filters with good filtration capacity and long

life, higher flow rate than threadiness glass fiber wound filters when low pressure drop, much better dirt holding capacity and efficiency compared to conventional string wound filter cartridges.


1,Easy to install,replace and maintain

2,Widely applications,long service life and reasonable cost

3,Glass fiber no drop,stable construction and filtration effects

4,High temperature standing and good chemical compatibility

5,Various O-ring and end cap options are available to fit for difference filter housings

6,Continuous strand winding geometry provides performance consistency for liquid filtration



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