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Air cleaners or air purifiers remove dust, pollen, and other fine particles that are floating in the air, and eliminate odors due to pets, cigarettes, or cooking. The use of air cleaners is spreading widely due to increasing interest in countering hay fever, and health concerns.

Affordable, reliable and assembled with the highest technological standards, our home air purifiers work to combat dust, mold, allergies, odor and smoke.

HEPA air filters are designed to remove up to 99.99% of harmful particles from your indoor air in a given time frame. That time frame is determined by how powerful the actual motor and fan are inside the air purifier. An extremely powerful motor and fan can circulate the air in an average sized room multiple times per hour. Less powerful fans, found in some lower priced air purifiers can only exchange the air in a room once per hour or less. This is called the CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate). HEPA Air Filters, when in combination with a powerful fan and motor inside an air purifier, can produce amazing clean air delivery rates which is important in removing mass quantities of dust, pollen and smoke from your indoor air.

Carbon is a porous substance that absorbs odors, smoke and household chemicals on contact. Carbon Air Filters typically house a large amount of this carbon media within two layers of prefilter fabric to allow for maximum absorption as air passes over. Carbon air filters are typically referred to as Activated Carbon or Smokestop filters as are found in our high quality air purifiers. The reason carbon filters are considered "activated" are because the carbon filter has a positive charge using static electricity in order to attract the most impurities from your indoor air as possible. Using static electricity will attract particles easier than if the particles are left to find the filter themselves. Carbon filters are extremely effective in absorbing smoke, odors and chemicals from the surrounding air and are an absolute must for any smoker's home. Virtual smokeeaters, carbon filters can literally remove the smoke right of front of your face and all the nasty odor that goes along with it. Most carbon filter air purifiers will also have HEPA filter technology as the two filter technologies work hand in hand to create an overall improved indoor air quality atmosphere. Examples of HEPA and Carbon Filter combo purifiers are our Air Purifiers.

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