Platic frame high capacity hepa filter
  Description: High capacity HEPA/ULPA grade filter in an all-plastic enclosing frame with poured-in-place sealing gasket.
  Typical applications: Built-up filter banks, rooftops, split systems, free-standing units, package systems and air handlers in medical facilities, pharmaceuticals, and clean process manufacturing.
  Efficiency: 95% to 99.99%.
  Media: Microfine glass media formed into individual mini-pleat media packs and assembled into a V-bank filter configuration.
  Recommended final pressure drop: Consult factory. Rule of thumb: change filter when the initial pressure drop doubles.
  Temperature: Maximum continuous operating temperature of 155 F (68° C).
  Ratings: Tested in accordance with IEST Recommended Practice for Testing HEPA Filters.
  For more information see Literature ABS-VG.
  Plastic frame. no metal parts, lightweight, easily disposed of with a crushable and incinerable frame.
  High filter surface area offers low pressure drop for energy savings and longer life.
  Airflow capabilities up to 2400 cfm.
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