Gel seal mini-pleat hepa filter
  Application: HEPA-/ULPA filter for clean rooms and LAF benches.
  Type: HEPA-/ULPA-Filter.
  Frame: Extruded and anodised aluminum.
  Gasket: Polyurethane.
  Media: Membrane (ME).
  Separators: Hot-melt beads.
  Sealant: Polyurethane .
  Grid: Mild steel white epoxy paint.
  Efficiency acc. EN 1822:2009: H14, U15.
  MPPS Efficiency acc. EN 1822:2009: ≥99,995%, ≥99,9995% at MPPS.
  Recommended final pressure drop: 2x initial pressure drop.
  Maximum pressure drop: MD: 500 Pa; MX: 600 Pa.
  Temperature/Humidity: 8C / 100% RH.
  Remarks: Individually scantested acc. EN 1822:2009 with protocol and packed in PE-foil.
  Mini-pleat design lowers operating costs.
  Knife-edge design ensures perfect seal.
  Efficient leak and scan test.
  Low off-gassing components.
  Wide range efficiencies.
  Lightweight and compact.
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