Nylon mesh filter
  Nylon mesh air filter
  Washable nylon mesh air filter.
  Media: non-woven fabric
  Frame: aluminium
  EN 779 class G2-G3
  Thickness 1: Average arrestance 72.5% - 90g/sq.ft – G2
  Thickness 2: Average arrestance 81.5% - 143g/sq.ft –G3
  Final pressure drop: (recommended ) 150 Pa – (Maximum) 250 Pa
  Maximum airflow rate: 125% of nominal air flow rate
  Max operating temp: 250%
  Original resistance: 595x595x10 = 10Pa
  Applications: central air conditioning, primary filter, acid base 
  Advantages: Strong, easy to clean, cost saving.  
  Nylon mesh air filters:
  Light and convenient panel structure,recyclable aluminum frame,imported synthetic fiber filtering media is knitted by Polyamide monofilament fiber with characteristics such as abrasion resistance,long operational life,high strength,good comprehensive performance,low resistance and dust resistance,can be washed and recycled repeatedly,easily and safely by the user themselves.
  Main functions:
  Widely applied in commercial HVAC systems used in a public building such as:Offices,meeting rooms,hospitals,supermarkets,gymnasiums,airports. Etc;Also it can be used in industrial general ventilation systems and clean room air return ,air conditioning systems.
  Class G1,G2,G3,G4
  Filter Material Synthetic Fiber, Black nylon mesh
  Frame Material Aluminum/Galvanized steel/Stainless steel
  Filtration Grade Pre filter
  Max. Temperature 80°C
  Max.humidity 100%RH
  Efficiency 40%~90%@2.0μm
  Synthetic fiber materials together ammonia by acylation single fiber woven, good abrasion resistance and long service life;
  Nylon mesh filters has less resistance, can be cleaned repeatly, long service life, the characteristics of high performance to price ratio.
  Application Widely applied to central air conditioning, family expenses air conditioning, special acid, alkali ventilation filters and clean room air return air conditioning filter mouth.
  Certification ISO9001-2008


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