The 74th API Fair During May 15-17 2015 in Shanghai


  In order to expand sales channels, promote air filters and purification engineering market,ensure a faster and better development of the company, and enhance the company's brand influence, our company takes part in the 74th APIChina&PHARMPACK &SINOPHEX during May 15-17 2015 in Shanghai.

  Our manager explains the characteristics of our products to customers, to help customers understand our product features.
  Our  HEPA filter leak tester developed and produced by ourselves attracts numerous visitors. Our staff do operation and demonstration to the customers. Many visitors discuss and highly recognize the machine!
  Foreign trade manager with smooth English explains the characteristics of our products from professional perspective.
  After the successful negotiation, we exchange business card with each other, and determine the future of cooperation intention.
  From good communication and negotiation with foreign friends in the warm atmosphere, we get the orders on the day!
  At the exhibition, we spare no effort to launch pharmaceutical industry purification engineering air filter products to attract the distributors, and then open up the market.
  A hard short journey, a lot of harvest and happy end!
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